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March 2022 Virtual Week

March 14, 15, 16 | 8-9:15 PM EST each day

The March 2022 Virtual event took place over the course of 3 evenings in March. Each night from 8-9:15 PM EST daily, we had a different masterclass. Our first night featured Marion Hayden, Ellen Rowe, and Regina Carter. Our second night was with Kaleigh Wilder, and we ended with Angela McCuiston from Music Strong Fitness. 

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Event Recap:

Our first night was a recreation of a successful panel that we hosted in our 2020 Fall virtual week. This panel allowed for successful women in jazz who have established careers for themselves in music to talk about their experiences and things they have learned throughout the way. Our participants had opportunities to ask questions and interact with three incredible women in jazz. 

Our second session was about improvisation and finding your voice with Kaleigh Wilder. Kaleigh identifies herself as a "sound sculptor" to which we took and ran with for this session. Kaleigh had so much great information about how to find out who are you are a musician, and she also shared some really great exercises for us to all work on our improvisation with! 

We ended our virtual week with Angela McCuiston from Music Strong Fitness. She talked extensively about injury prevention for musicians and how we can all take better care of ourselves. Angela gave us live demonstrations featuring different strengths we can use to prevent musician injuries. 

We had such a great virtual experience with over 100 participants from coast to coast in the US and all over the world. Thank you so much to everyone that joined us and participants in our sessions.

2022 Sessions

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