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Key of She Jazz Events

NEXT EVENT: To Be Announced! 

ABOUT OUR EVENTS: Key of She Jazz is dedicated to hosting events throughout the year to provide space for girls and nonbinary students in jazz. Our goal with events is to keep them accessible for students! Every event is open to students of all genders, educators, professional musicians, parents of jazz students, music lovers, and really anyone that supports our mission. 

We've been so fortunate to have such an incredible lineup of speakers, panelists, presenters, performers, and others alike at our events. Click below to view our Key of She Hall of Fame which features our past speakers! 

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2024 Jazz Jam

February 17, 2024

This was our third in-person event and our second jazz jam hosted at the University of the Arts!We were joined by over 100 students, parents, educators, and music lovers. 



2023 Jazz Jam

Feb 18, 2023

Our second in-person event featured a day of performances and jam sessions. This event was attended by over 100 students, musicians, educators, parents, and jazz lovers.


2022 March Virtual Week

March 14-16, 2022

This 3-day event featured different sessions each night. We had a panel which shared stories from women in jazz, a masterclass on improvisation, and a workshop about how we can better take care of our bodies as musicians.

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2021 Pop Up Event

August 11, 2021

Our first ever "pop-up" event was a single-night masterclass led by NYC based vibraphonist, Patricia Brennan. Students interacted virtually by playing interactive improvisation games created by Brennan.


2020 Fall Virtual Week

November 30- December 4, 2020

By popular demand, a second virtual event was hosted in the fall of 2020. This online experienced allowed for our audience to connect with each other again later that year from all over the world. 


Masterclass led by drummer, Allison Miller had our participants up out of their chairs dancing and feeling the beat on Zoom.



2020 Summer Virtual Week

August 3-7, 2020

The COVID 19 Pandemic halted our second annual live conference, forcing us to migrate to an online format. This successful week brought together young women, students, and jazz lovers from all over the world to create an educational and global networking experience. 


2019 Live Conference

Hosted at the University of the Arts on April 27, 2019, the inaugural conference was organized by 18-year-old Olivia Hughart & Key of She Team and was attended by 200+ students, musicians, educators, and more. 


Trumpet Chics, High School group from Camden, NJ perform as our closing session at our 2019 Conference

Key of She Jazz Hall of Fame

Past. Present. Future.

Below are the amazing past speakers, performers, and presenters who have graciously supported our mission! Feel free to learn more about them on their websites. These are all such special and unique individuals who have generously shared their stories with us. Thank you to ALL of our great participants! 

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