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Women in Jazz Resources!

If you've read books on jazz history, or even seen a very well known special on Jazz, you might think there were very few women, if any, playing or influencing jazz. These lists should put that idea to rest.


Please note: We are happy to share our ever-growing resource -- a first of its kind, we think! -- but please do not publish or print separately, and please credit Key of She Jazz if you use any part of these lists. You may, of course, share the link to this page!  If you have questions or suggestions, email us at

List of Women in Jazz, Past & Present

This comprehensive list of women in jazz is sortable by name or instrument to make it easier for you to locate people of interest. We keep adding to the list as we learn of women who should be included, so check back often. We are happy to share this fantastic resource, but please do not publish or print separately and please credit Key of She Jazz if you use any part of the list. You may, of course, share the link to this page!


If you notice someone missing from the list, send an email to with the subject "Women In Jazz List." We are happy to include semi-professional or professional women or non-binary musicians in jazz at the collegiate level and beyond.


The links posted are not able to be live unfortunately, but please feel free to copy and paste into your browser!


*Category Note: "Modern Maven" denotes that this person is still alive and making it happen! "Lady Legacy" refers to our older crowds that have paved the way for our modern mavens, but may not be with us anymore.

Recommended Films and Books

Check out this growing list of books and film to check out! We've learned so much from these resources, and we hope you do too. 

All Women Jazz Bands

Here's a list of all women jazz bands!

Organizations for Women in Jazz

We hope this list serves as a resource to find local communities for women in jazz in your own neighborhoods! Don't hesitate to reach out and get involved in a city near you!

What are we missing?

There's so much information out there and so many incredible people, so it's hard to get them all into one place! Please send us any suggestions you have of any people, films, books, programs... anything you have... and we'll happily add it to our lists. 

Thanks so much for visiting this resources page, and feel free to share (but credit Key of She Jazz)!

Email us at for all comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. 

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