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Key of She Virtual Week 
Summer 2022

This event occurred in August, 2020. 


Due to the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were forced to move our scheduled 2020 Live Event to an online format. Thanks to technology, we were able to connect virtually with jazz lovers all over the world. We hosted an amazing week of virtual sessions (Monday, August 3- Friday, August 7) form 4-5 PM specifically for students (middle school-college, specifically girls), but anyone of any age and gender was able to register. We welcomed educators, parents, and anyone who supports women in jazz. jazz. 


A workshop to learn strategies to get inspired, start composing, and learn tips
and tricks for broadening musical compositions!

Session led by Sumi Tonooka (pianist/composer/educator)


A guided workshop to discover the basics of recording at home. We will be
talking about gear, resources, programs, strategies, and more!

Session led by Barbara Laronga (Trumpetist, Studio Musician, Recording Artist) and Anna Ready (Musician/Composer/Audio Engineer)


An open discussion for girls in jazz for a chance to meet one another, network,
and learn strategies for navigating being a young woman in jazz.

Forum led by Olivia Hughart (Musician, founder of Key of She), Talia
Rubenstein (Musician, Composer), Kacey Fassett (Musician)


An informative session for students on any instrument to learn how to become
more efficient in the practice rooms or at home!

Session led by jazz saxophonist Roxy Coss (Musician/Composer/Activist)


A session for learning about some women who paved the way in jazz history!

Session led by Hannah Grantham (Jazz Historian from the National Museum
of African American History and Culture)

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