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For Parents

It's important to find ways to best support your young musician! This page shares great resources for how to do this! 

Key of She Jazz is led now by a mother-daughter duo. 

Being a Supportive Parent: 

Below are some helpful trips written by parents for parents! We hope you make good use of these ideas. 


Girls and women are underrepresented in jazz and many other spaces. We can learn a lot about encouraging girls from other like-minded organizations with similar missions. Check out these articles:


You can help your musician grow and gain confidence all year long. Find a "Jazz Girls Day" event near you or, if none exists, think about hosting a Key of She Jazz Girls Day with your student's music teachers. We can help you think this through and provide supporting materials. When students, parents, and educators collaborate, big things can happen!


If you have a student nearing the college age who is thinking about music school, check out our special College Process for Musicians! If you'd like a copy, click Here (email to request, and we will be happy to email you. 

Show Up

What's true in sports is true in music, too! Parental support matters! Show up! Being there for performances and encouraging your musicians is an important demonstration of support. Likewise, find opportunities to see women in jazz performing in your area. If they can see it, they realize they can Be it, too.

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